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When it comes to drug addiction and substance abuse problems, many individuals don’t realize how complex addiction treatment and recovery programs are. Those seeking out recovery programs either for them self or their loved one often don’t know what makes up a good addiction treatment program. Becoming more familiar with important facts about addiction recovery programs can allow one to choose the right program for the specific recovery needs.

Substance abuse rehabilitation is different for everyone and certain circumstances may create obstacles in an addicts recovery. Recovery programs and the variety of them offered at Drug Treatment Centers Lakewood are geared to give patients an increased chance at sobriety. By offering more programs, we have a greater chance of finding what a patient will respond best to.

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What are Recovery Programs?

Drug addiction recovery programs are treatment plans that use combinations of different theoretical models and treatment programs to help recovering addicts to learn what caused their addictions in the first place and to develop coping mechanisms to handle triggers as well as to prevent relapse.

Most recovery programs base their treatment programs upon the well-known 12-step program. This helps to give recovering addicts a support system and a philosophy to rely on to help in times of struggle and doubt.

Models of Addiction Recovery

There are three basic models of drug and alcohol addiction recovery that provide a theoretical basis for the individual treatments and the recovery program as a whole.

Cognitive/Behavioral Model

This model of treatment focuses upon the identifying the underlying issues that caused a person to begin abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. The behaviors and feelings that led to the development of a drug addiction will be determined, discussed, and treated under this model through individual and group therapy sessions. Additionally, the therapies will help a recovering addict to develop coping mechanisms to prevent relapse and future addiction struggles.

Motivational Incentives Model

The motivational incentives model involves providing recovering addicts with tangible incentives for attending, participating in, and showing engagement with their treatments. This is used predominantly in the early stages of rehabilitation when patients are reluctant and timid or even aggressively against participating in their treatments. However, as time goes on, most patients no longer need those extra incentives to work hard at their recovery and treatment.

Motivational Interviewing Model

In this model of addiction treatment, recovering addicts and their therapist form a close bond that is more akin to allies than doctor and patient. This alliance helps the recovering addict to feel that they can trust their therapist as they have a vested interest in the successful recovery of the addict. If a recovering addict has experienced serious trauma in their life at the hand of an authority figure or person in a power position, this form of treatment allows patients to still participate and succeed in their treatment and recovery.

Treatment Options

There are also several treatment options available in these recovery programs to help people dealing with substance abuse problems and drug addiction.

Restorative Yoga

In addition to being a good physical exercise program, restorative yoga helps to get the systems in the body that were disrupted due to the abuse of drugs or alcohol back to proper operation and function. Yoga also relieves anxiety, stress, and aches and pains that can occur as the result of residual or post-acute withdrawals.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a treatment that allows recovering addicts to express their thoughts, emotions, and fears without having to say a word. Instead, they paint, draw or otherwise artistically create a visual manifestation of those feelings. This teaches addicts to channel their feelings into something productive rather than destructive (drug use) and helps them to begin getting in touch with and better identifying their emotions once again.

Now that you have a better understanding of recovery programs and all of the variety in models and treatments they have to offer, all that is left for you to do is find the recovery program that is right for you. Then you can get the treatment you need to get back on your feet and start living your life sober and drug-free.

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