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You have taken the first big step in dealing with your drug or alcohol addiction. You have admitted to yourself that you have a substance abuse problem, and you are considering what steps to take next to get help. However, you may not know where to turn or how to proceed. The detox process can be difficult to comprehend or start without all of the important information and facts, and you may not have even heard of the best option available to you.

Medical detox can help you begin your drug addiction recovery in the right way. So, get to know more about medical detox, how it is superior to other forms of detox, and how medical detox can specifically help you. Drug Treatment Centers Lakewood offers a medical detox that can increase your chance of successful recovery. With the support of addiction specialists and medical personnel you are guaranteed support through out your rehabilitation journey. (732) 730-5450

What is Drug Detox?

Before you can understand medical detox, it is important that you have a full understanding of drug detox in general. Basically, drug detox is the process that occurs when a person who abuses drugs or who is addicted to drugs decides to stop using and eliminates the drug from their system. The process of allowing all remnants of the drug to leave the body (without replenishing it) is detox. This process does have some side effects, known primarily as withdrawals. These side effects are both physical and mental reactions to the dependence that has developed on the drug and can make the detox process difficult for those going through it.

Why You Shouldn’t Detox At Home

Many people trying to break their addictions to drugs and alcohol make one catastrophic mistake that can derail the entire process. That mistake is trying to detox on their own at home. The reasoning behind their mistake varies but can include embarrassment and pride, or complete false confidence and hubris. The end result is almost always the same no matter what the reason behind attempted home detox. That result is total failure.

When a person attempts to detox at home, there are two major issues that can arise. The first is a medical emergency. Withdrawals are both emotional and physical. The physical aspects can range from relatively harmless aches and pains to prolonged periods of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea that can result in dangerous dehydration. Additional sever symptoms can include cardiac complications, stroke, seizures, or even sudden death. These medical complications can be fatal if a person attempts to detox at home away from medical professionals and treatments that could help handle such situations.

The second issue when attempting to detox at home is that the person going through detox has more ability and access to give up on the process in the middle. In other words, when the withdrawals make the detox process especially difficult, a person attempting to get sober at home can just as easily as ever, get their hands on their drug of choice again and resume their addictive behaviors.

What is the Alternative?

Medical detoxification removes the recovering addict from the temptations and dangers of the home environment and instead places them in a controlled, monitored environment. This process most often occurs in a rehab facility but can also occur in a hospital. Medical detox keeps recovering addicts from access to the drug to which they are addicted.

It also eases the process by providing IV fluids and possibly even medications to treat and reduce withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, if a person has one of the more severe adverse reactions to the detox process including heart rate changes or seizures, there will be advanced medical treatment readily available and trained professionals on hand.

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Medical detox is by far the best choice available to help you recover from your drug or alcohol addiction. So, now that you are ready to take the next step towards getting healthy and sober, contact a drug and alcohol treatment center as soon as possible and choose the medical detoxification process to keep you on track and safe in the process.

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